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Gauges Demo with Qt Quick, Demo – Instrumente mit Qt Quick

Freely configurable digital gauges, each gauge’s default rotating direction (clockwise / counterclockwise), origin and covered area can be individually set. Also gauges containing linear and round segments can be created. There are no limitations regarding design. The graphics for the background, the gauge indicators and the foreground can be freely chosen. Both raster graphics (bitmaps) as well as vectorized graphics (SVGs) can be used, latter ones allow free scaling of the gauges without any loss of quality.
Please see a short video on our Youtube channel.

Frei konfigurierbare Anzeigen, für jede Anzeige kann die Richtung (im / gegen den Uhrzeigersinn), der Startpunkt und der anzuzeigende Bereich individuell eingestellt werden. Es sind auch Anzeigen erstellbar, die teilweise aus geraden und aus runden Abschnitten bestehen. Es gibt keinerlei Einschränkungen bezüglich des Designs; der Hintergrund, die Anzeige selbst und der Vordergrund sind frei wählbare Grafiken. Diese können Rastergrafiken sein oder auch Vektorgrafiken, letztere erlauben eine freie Skalierung der Anzeigen ohne Qualitätsverlust.
Auf unserem Youtube Kanal zeigen wir eine kurze Demo.

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Qt 3D with Qt 5.6

The latest Qt version offers extensive 3D features, it generates 3D models based on common CAD formats which can be deployed on different platform like Android, Windows…..

Please feel free to contact us for more details about Qt 3D.

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PLCeverywhere App for iOS and Android

PLCeverywhere is a good example for the topic „Digitization“ when it comes to Industrie 4.0. A key element of Industrie 4.0 is the easy access and transparency of machine data. PLCeverywhere is available for Android, iOS and Windows (incl. mobile). We achieved this by using the Qt framework. This light weight application communicates Twincat® based PLC system and provides live machine data.  Its a seamless mobile PLC control monitor system for smart factories and home automation.

– Keeping up PLC system nearer & faster
– Search PLC broad cast
– Live data stream with chart
– Watch list for specific tag
– Multiple PLC support

PLC Supports:
– TwinCat®, Beckhoff®

Restrictions (non-commercial free version):
– 200 variables in max.
– 10 variables for live view
– Runtime limited to 1 hour

Beckhoff and Twincat is a registered trademark of and licensed by Beckhoff GmbH

Get it on Google Play


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New! Qt Training for Embedded Linux

We have updated our Qt training material for Embedded Linux.

The Qt training have been enriched with more & more interesting features of latest framework. Qt-Embedded Linux is the one, especially concentrated, designed and integrated in the training arena.

Our Qt certified trainers and developers have been exercising and enhancing our knowledge base for the future needs.

Corporate training can be customized and covered from beginners to expert level.

Different languages supported, we do training in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Embedded World 2015 – Thank you to all visitors


Embedded World 2015 – Thank you to all visitors.

It was a great event. We got a very positive feedback and the interest in Qt remains very high.

Embedded World 2015

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Qt speaks „PLC“

SWLogo_transparent_Ebene 1

Qt speaks “PLC”

We have invested significant effort in the last few months, to enable Qt and PLC’s to understand each other.

Our Qt components are now able to communicate directly with Beckhoff, B & R or CoDeSys. In addition, we can also support CAN protocol. This will provide our customers with more comprehensive and innovative automation solutions.

We are happy to provide you with further information.

Aufgrund unserer langen Erfahrung im Automatisierungsbereich haben wir Qt SW Module entwickelt, die es ermöglichen, dass sich Qt und SPSen perfekt verstehen.

Unsere Qt Module können mit Beckhoff, B&R oder CoDeSys direkt kommunizieren. Des Weiteren unterstützen wir auch CAN. Dadurch bieten sich noch zukunftssichere und innovative Automatisierungs-Lösungen an.

Gerne stehen wir Ihnen mit weiteren Informationen zur Verfügung.

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Visit us on Embedded World 2015


You can expect to see a raft of live Qt demos and exhibit innovations.

And talk to our Qt experts and explore how our Software services and expertise can resolve your current and future engineering challenges

We will show this Year demos about:

  • Qt in Automotive
  • Qt in Automation
  • Qt in Home automation

You will find us at the booth of The Qt Company, in hall 4, stand 308.

For more details see



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Qt Dev Days 2014


A Top-Event for Qt Developers & Beginners happened in Berlin from 6 to 8 October 2014, e-GITS was one of the sponsors of this event.

We amazed the overwhelming Qt interest and growing demand every year since a decade.

We have exhibited the wide variety of Qt applications in multi-platform, especially on Android & iOS mobile devices. It was quite interesting to share the product & system details to an enthusiastic crowd.

e-GITS booth was very busy to demonstrate the Infotainment, Industrial & Home Automation, Machine Vision, Real Time Video Surveillance applications.

It was a fascinating experience in 2014, See you all in the next event with the interesting Qt horizon..!

We especially thank our customers /clients who helped us for this success.

Thanks to all the visitors and supporters.

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Embedded World 2014


You can find us on the Embedded World in Nürnberg.
Please visit us. We show the newest Qt developments.
You find us in Hall 4 Booth 408. In the meanwhile check our Youtube channel YouTube_logo_standard_white

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Leap Motion and Qt


“Touchless control”

It touches the new heights of motion control with Qt technology. This is a simple and elegant way to control complex objects with Qt and Leap Motion. It leads the industry intelligence, e.g. Smart Factory System to a new horizon.
It facilitates the process by the simple gestures, high level of accuracy is the character of Qt framework with 3 D support. The framework extends the coolest features apart from Pan, Pinch, Swipe and Tap.
Ultimately Qt brings the spring to the traditional industries and a delightful new experience to the users. It also fits perfectly with our SCADA-Product.

For more details please see our video

“Berührungslose Steuerung”

Die von uns entwickelte Demo nutzt die Möglichkeiten des Leap Motion Sensors in Verbindung mit Qt 3D. Es bietet einen einfachen und effizienten Weg, Grafik ohne Touch-Display zu bewegen und zu kontrollieren. Das eröffnet völlig neue Möglichkeiten der Bedienung von Software. Gerade in Verbindung mit neuen Visionen wie INDUSTRIE 4.0, in der CAD-Entwicklung & Konstruktion oder auch in Verbindung mit unserem SCADA-Produkt.

Der Prototyp wird auch auf der Leap Motion Seite zur Verfügung gestellt.

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