Keith & Koep becomes part of the Garz & Fricke group

Keith & Koep

The Garz & Fricke Group, Hamburg, is strengthened by Keith & Koep GmbH from Wuppertal. With this move, one of the most important system providers for ARM-based embedded technologies in Europe has been formed. Consisting of a combination of hardware and software, these systems are among the most important components in technical devices. Fields of application include medical technology, electronics for professional kitchen equipment, security technology, and industrial automation. In March 2019, the Garz & Fricke Group already acquired Stuttgart-based e-GITS GmbH, a software application HMI, cloud technology and IoT developer. With the acquisition of Keith & Koep, the second within a year, the group now has its headquarters in Hamburg and locations in Wuppertal, Stuttgart, Minneapolis (USA) and Chennai (India).

Matthias Fricke, Managing Director of Garz & Fricke: “With Keith & Koep, we’re complementing our product portfolio perfectly. While we supply our customers with human machine interfaces (HMI), application software and complementary products such as payment services, Keith & Koep specializes in system on modules — in other words, compact plug-in computer modules. These have a wide range of applications and are used wherever special interfaces and form factors are required.” Keith & Koep computer modules are applied in the fields of medical technology, industrial automation, robotics, aerospace engineering, and more. The module technology enables extended product life cycles, as the plug-in modules can be replaced in most cases if necessary.

This enables Garz & Fricke to offer an extended product range. Volker Keith, Managing Director of Keith & Koep: “New sales markets are opening up for us because we can sell our products via the international sales partners and the Garz & Fricke subsidiary in the US.”

The Garz & Fricke group will retain all employees as well as the production site in Wuppertal. Volker Keith and Luitger Koep will stay on as managing directors of Keith & Koep. Matthias Fricke: “Thanks to the much stronger Research & Development team, we can now reach out to attractive, larger customers for whom we were previously too small.” Volker Keith adds: “In addition, there are considerable synergy effects in R&D because we carry out the basic developments with the same processor architectures of NXP and Linux operating systems.”

With this acquisition, the number of employees of the Garz & Fricke Group increases to 180. The company expects continued strong growth and plans to further expand its business into industrial small computers and software development.

About Garz & Fricke:

Founded in 1992, Garz & Fricke GmbH is a medium-sized company from Hamburg. Around 160 employees develop and produce hardware and software solutions for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), electronics for vending machine technology, controls, telemetry systems, payment systems, HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces), touch displays, and panel PCs. With the acquisition of Stuttgart-based e-GITS GmbH in 2019, the Garz & Fricke Group has strengthened its software development division. Besides components that are made in Germany, the focus is on systems that are seamlessly integrated and customized. These are implemented on the basis of individually adapted standard solutions — or completely new solutions if required. Regular customers include OEMs and system integrators from the target markets of medical technology, electronics for professional kitchen equipment, security technology, and industrial automation.

About Keith & Koep:

Keith & Koep has specialized in embedded computer systems since 1991 and is one of the leading providers in the fields of electronics development, system integration, and the manufacture of complex electronic products. It has 23 employees in Wuppertal, Germany. With the Trizeps range, Keith & Koep launched the world’s first ARM-based system on modules (SOM). This idea developed into an international industry standard. Its strengths lie in its reliability, flexibility, and the promise to make products both innovative and durable through SOMs. All these characteristics will be strengthened by the merger and secured for the future.

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