World premiere: New innovative embedded module solution ready for immediate use

Keith & Koep

Keith & Koep, part of the Garz & Fricke Group, is expanding its product range with the modular solution SBCSOM. In addition to the SOM products Myon and Trizeps, which Keith & Koep has already created an industry standard with, a worldwide unique solution has been developed here.

The new SBCSOM combines the advantages of the two product worlds Single Board Computer (SBC) and System On Module (SOM), as this product adds basic components and interfaces to a processor module. The advantage over conventional SOM solutions is that it does not require an additional baseboard and is ready for immediate use. Depending on requirements, this can save time and costs in development, testing and production. The new SBCSOM is offered with an NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor for a particularly attractive price and has all the basic components. In addition, Keith & Koep is now offering a special evaluation kit for the new SBCSOM, which can be used to start software development directly, even if the final hardware design has not been determined yet. The kit consists of a 7 inch IPS display and an expansion board, which has a USB hub with 2 USB ports and an additional Ethernet port (100 Mbit).

Closing the gap between SBC and SOM

During the development of conventional SOM solutions, ready-made baseboards are often used. However, predefined solutions are usually complex and relatively cost-intensive because they have to map a large number of use cases. The implemented standard baseboards are primarily used for the evaluation of projects with small quantities. If the costs for the overall product have to be reduced, a special board must usually be manufactured – with additional time and development effort. This board therefore only has the interfaces that the customer requires for his special use case. For this purpose, many parts, such as the power supply and the required interfaces, have to be redesigned. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh up whether a customer-specific board should be developed, taking into account the cost and time factors, or whether it is better to use a standard baseboard. This is where the new SBCSOM from Keith & Koep closes the gap. It offers a cost-effective, out-of-the-box modular solution equipped with an NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor and all essential components and interfaces. These include an industrial-grade power supply, Ethernet/POE, USB, WLAN/Bluetooth, mini HDMI, LVDS, PCIe, and µSD and SIM card.

Expansion options of the SBCSOM

In contrast to a conventional SBC, Keith & Koep's SBCSOM provides additional functions via two system connectors on the sides (CARD edge), which can be used to connect extension boards. These are usually easy and inexpensive to manufacture and can even be incorporated into the layout of the SBCSOM board at a later stage. This is the reason why the SBCSOM is so special and unique. The currently available extension board has a USB hub with 2 USB ports and an additional Ethernet port (100Mbit). Further standardized boards are planned. It is also possible to have extension boards developed by the customer. This allows customers to add their own requirements easily and cost-effectively. This makes the Keith & Koep SBCSOM a highly modular system that significantly speeds up development processes and can be flexible added to as required.

The innovative modular solution makes it possible to develop prototypes and 0-series samples significantly faster. As the project progresses and quantities increase, customers can decide at any time whether the SBCSOM should become a conventional SBC without having to start development from scratch. In doing so, customers benefit from the well-known Keith & Koep advantages such as maintenance, component procurement and PCN (Product Change Notification) process for the components.

The SBCSOM is available immediately and can run on popular operating systems such as Android 9, Windows 10 IoT and Linux. In the near future, the solution will also be integrated into the proven HMI from sister company Garz & Fricke. In cooperation with the company e-GITS, also part of the Garz & Fricke Group, cross-platform application development is also offered to customers.

List of all components of the SBCSOM:

  • Ethernet/POE 1 Gbit
  • USB 2.0
  • USB 2.0 Typ C
  • LVDS Display
  • MIPI Camera
  • i-MOD Connector (Keith & Koep connector standard)
  • µSD Card
  • Mini PCI Express (mPCIe)
  • Nano SIM Card
  • Mini HDMI
  • WLAN/Bluetooth
  • Power

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