Software development projects are complex tasks that require the highest level of professional project management and a great deal of experience right from the start. In the area of software consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of services.

  • Feasibility analyses: Consulting on the selection of the appropriate technology, the determination of the time required as well as the necessary investments and required resources for software projects.
  • Specification development: We support you in defining the appropriate "book of functional requirements " for the effective implementation of your project. We clarify questions such as the desired appearance of the UI (=user interface) and the required data and operations respectively their sequence. This way, your customized software can be implemented faster and with a minimum of errors.
  • Project management: We take care of the entire project management and control of your software development. Our experienced project managers handle all important steps from requirements analysis to completion, implementation and testing of the software. In doing so, we are in close contact with you - asking the important questions and advising you on the right decision.
  • Software Tooling: Which tools should not be missing in software development today? Qt, HTML5, Java, Flutter or Xamarin: We offer our customers guidance on tools that have proven themselves in practice and should be used for modern software development.
  • Quality Assurance: Software Testing is an important part of the whole development process. Through our dependence in India, we can perform highly efficient and cost-effective testing.

We offer standardized and customized Qt training. As a globally operating company and long-time certified Qt partner, we pass on our knowledge and know-how to you and your employees in a structured & practice-oriented way. Our Qt certified trainers are experienced developers themselves and adapt the training according to your specifications. Thus we can train exactly what you need for your company's success. We also offer various Qt training packages worldwide as in-house training.

With our training we enable you a fast and profound introduction to Qt or a specialized approach to special Qt modules. Our trainers are multilingual and have many years of practical experience in software development with Qt.

The focus of our training are for example Qt Basics, Qt QML & Qt customized training.

In over 10 years we have successfully trained several hundreds of developers.

Experience the benefits of Qt training from e-GITS:

  • customized training for your specific needs
  • > 10 years training experience
  • certified Qt trainers
  • benefit from our comprehensive know-how in the Qt framework