With our 'Device & Application Management System' (DAMS), we offer a platform that provides seamless integration of device and application data to enable efficient management.

The system is designed to leverage data from the fleet of connected devices and systems to dramatically improve performance, efficiency and significantly reduce costs. This involves monitoring and managing all devices through a single interface.

In the field, for example, it can remotely monitor the health of devices. Device-specific problems can be detected at an early stage before they affect the condition of the fleet. In addition, application software updates (OTA) can be easily performed , enabling bug fixes and feature updates. This minimizes operational downtime and ensures the safety of the devices.

For example, sales reports can be extracted, various sales analyses can be performed, and comprehensive incident management can be enabled.This means that our customers always have easy access to the respective software and the health status of their systems & machines, even after delivery of their equipment. In all this, the data is hosted in Germany.

Another advantage is that by using our DAMS, current and future innovative cloud solutions - such as our Remote Touch System - can be easily rolled out to all connected devices.

The DAMS is available as a pre-developed software package that can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to your requirements and hardware if necessary.

Core feature and benefits:

  • Monitoring devices and applications
    • Dashboard providing overview on device health/status and application specific data
    • Monitor mission critical device information and metrics of devices via a with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Powerful user management
    • Provides role-based access control, that allows to restrict unnecessary network access based on the assigned user roles
    • Regulate and monitor which device or user has access to which service or data
  • Clustering
    • Group devices by customer, development or production, board type, screen size, geographical location etc. for easy management
    • Quickly and easily sort and filter devices by attribute
  • Provisioning
    • Out of the box connect enable devices to request connection on their own
    • Devices may be preauthorized for seamless integration
    • Register, manage, and operate devices from a single system
    • Remote authorization or revocation of device access to DAMS
  • OTA - Over the air application updates
    • Manage remotely, application updates and versions across a fleet of devices
    • Schedule an application update deployment for a specific date and time in the future for a subset or the entire fleet of devices
    • View deployment status and logs from the device for each deployment
    • Easily add new features and bug fixes for production device that are in the field
  • RTS - Remote Touch System (Remote control solution)
    • Innovative method for contactless interaction for the machine's touch panels by using one’s personal mobile device
  • MQTT included
    • Lightweight and efficient messaging protocol that ensures security and minimal bandwidth
  • NoSQL database system
    • Handle large volumes of date at high speeds
    • Minimal administrative overhead.
    • Providing maximum flexibility over data and scaling
  • Audit logs
    • Log important events to improve compliance and accountability, which can later be analyzed in case of security or operational incidents
  • Multi tenancy
    • Create multiple organizations (aka tenants), which act as separate environments on a single server, both for users and devices
    • Each tenant’s data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants
  • Security
    • All interface and system use TLS with secure configuration
    • All communications are authenticated and encrypted over HTTPS and use SSL certificates
    • All API’s and user access uses JWT authentication