The reasons for transferring an existing application to a new OS are manifold. Change to a different hardware, planned use on different platforms or phased out operating systems, such as Windows CE or Embedded Compact. e-GITS is your partner to transfer existing applications to a different operating system.

Our cross-platform approach, that we mainly realize with the Qt-Framework, and years of experience in developing software for Embedded Linux, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS gives you the security to efficiently and safely switch to a new environment.

Workshop to survey the current situation

As diverse as the reasons for an application migration are, as diverse is the project process. Every software is unique: That's why we start your application porting projects with a workshop to assess your needs and provide initial recommendations for action.

Components of our workshop " Migration of existing applications":

  • Analysis of the existing software
    • Requirements frontend
    • Requirements backend
  • Analysis of cost-based software
  • Creation of a stringent architecture model based on the new hardware and firmware
  • Calculation of the scope of the frontend
  • Calculation of the backend
  • Gathering of new requirements
  • Creation of a software quality process
  • Integration into automated build processes
  • Calculating the execution time of the identified tasks

Duration depending on the software scope of the existing software approx. 1-2 days