One Source Code - Different operating systems (Win, Linux, Android, iOS, Embedded)

We have developed our SCADA/HMI package together with our customers. It is a very flexible and innovative system that exactly covers today's Industry 4.0 requirements.

As software framework for our product we used Qt. This allows our software to be used on almost all platforms and device classes. This together with the scalability of the system offers a wide range of applications. Application areas of SCADAeverywhere are smallest plants up to large plants. It runs on almost all device classes from embedded devices, mobile devices to desktop systems. The basis for SCADAeverywhere was the high automation requirements of the semiconductor industry.

  • SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
  • Module based software
  • Intelligent alarm handling
  • User management
  • Calendar Module
  • Report Module
  • Gesture control - Multi-Touch
  • Database based system (e.g. PostgreSQL)
  • Recipe manager client/server
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Trending
  • Operating log
  • Multilingualism
  • 3D graphics
Software Architecture

The software architecture is completely component based. This means that each module (e.g. alarming) can run independently. With this approach we have succeeded in developing a highly scalable system. This allows our customers to use their SCADA system exactly according to their conditions. The whole software structure is documented with corresponding UML models.


For a highly available operation of a plant, intelligent alarming is a decisive prerequisite. Our alarm module offers everything that is required today. Starting from a simple configuration over real-time alarms and historical alarm evaluation. The functions are manifold. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

User management

Flexible user management is of central importance for the security of the machine, the processes and the overall system. To prevent the system from being compromised, it is important to make user management secure without making the system more difficult to operate. We have taken all these requirements into account during development.


Our module "Recipe Management" allows the creation and management of tool/equipment recipes and of module/process recipes. All recipes are versioned, encrypted, classified and allow a transparent overview of their life cycle. This makes processes reproducible and provides protection against any manipulation.

Operating log

The operating log offers the possibility to record all relevant actions at the plant. This data helps with production optimization. Furthermore, this data can also be used to support troubleshooting at the plant.

IO Mapping

The assignment of the physical or virtual hardware is done via our module "IO Mapping". The assignment is done intuitively via the graphical user interface. This saves time and reduces incorrect assignments.

Calendar/shift plan

The integrated calendar/shift schedule provides an efficient way to configure certain events directly at the plant. Be it, for example, the definition of the availability of individual persons or components or even of entire shift schedules.


Defining, managing and distributing machine and production events are an essential part of effective and reliable production. The module provides the basis for the communication of plant events, which are of relevance for Preventive Maintenance, for example.


In order to not only collect machine data, but also to analyze and evaluate it, it is elementary to visualize data in an appealing way. With our trending module, real-time as well as historical data can be displayed in a meaningful way.


Another important component for displaying machine data is the report module. Standard reports such as for alarms, e.g. Top-Ten , MTTF or MTTR evaluations. Also production data, e.g. throughput analysis, up-time reports are part of it. Reports are an important core element for understanding data and taking appropriate actions for a highly productive and reliable production process.

Preventive maintenance

Nowadays, the availability of a plant is a decisive factor. It is elementary to evaluate the plant data in order to prevent possible failures at an early stage. Our module provides the basis for efficient preventive maintenance.

3D graphics

The next logical step in state-of-the-art visualization is the use of 3D graphics. We have developed a cost-saving method to create meaningful and easy-to-use 3D graphics from CAD drawings of the mechanical construction.

Multilingualism is an integral part of our product. The entire front end can be easily translated into all common languages. This increases the acceptance of the people responsible for the machines and allows a fast familiarization and qualitative operability.


Nowadays, the requirements for operability have increased significantly. Support of different devices (mobile, embedded, desktop), special gestures, MultiTouch and also touchless control of the system. All this we fulfill with our SCADAeverywhere package, see also our Video "Touchless control".